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Visionary V60 + Digital Camera

We are always getting asked, to provide descriptions of what the image is like with these scopes, obviously this is very subjective, we feel that the image is very good, others may disagree!
We have taken a few photographs through this scope, we are not professional photographers (if we were, we would by a huge camera lens that is made for the job, rather than a spotting scope) and even though the photographs are not perfect, we felt it would be useful to display them here.
Both were taken with a Visionary V60S (straight), a Visionary Camera Adpator a Slik D3 Tripod and a Samsung Digital Camera.

Lufthansa Airbus A340
21st Feb 2009 @ 14:18
Taken from above address
Approx distance 8 miles
Lufthansa Airbus A340
TV Aerial
21st Feb 2009 @ 14:44
Taken from above address
Approx distance 80 yards
TV Aerial
This page updated 21st March, 2009
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