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We get lots of emails and telephone calls asking what the measurement / weights of products are in British measurements, rather than the European one which we normally show.
We originally had the idea of letting visitors to the website choose British or European measurements, however, having researched this issue, we believe that legally we can not have a webpage that just shows the British measures.
We then had the idea of showing both measurements, but highlighting either the British or European versions depending upon the website users choice. Again, we do not think we can legally do this, as the law states that if both European and British measurements are used, the European must be just as obvious as the British versions.
Therefore, the only option left seems to be to allow the website user to "Turn On" the British weights and measurements and still show the European equivalent.
Selecting which items will be shown in British measurements can be done below, this will set a cookie which will then tell our webpages to display the British measurements and weights.

Magnification = always refered to as 10x Objective = always shown in millimeters
Show Field of view as
"xx feet @ 1000 yards" notation

Show Minimum Focusing in Feet
Show Exit pupil (where shown) in inches
Show weight in ounces
Show dimensions (where available) in inches

PLEASE NOTE - some the figures the above options produce will be APPROXIMATE, particularly the Field of View as this is multiplied up from the degrees - 6.5 degrees multiplied up gives quite a difference from 6.564 degrees (340 feet versus 343 feet)

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