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Opticron Monoculars

Rugged, purpose-built pocket monoculars available in either 8x or 10x magnification, the Trailfinder II series deliver quality and value for money to people interested in owning and using a monocular while out enjoying the countryside.

Designed for walkers and hikers alike, these compact roof prism instruments feature a slide bar focusing system to allow easy one hand operation with or without gloves.

The aluminium bodies are nitrogen gas waterproof to prevent water penetration and misting on the internal surfaces and are covered in a textured rubber armour to aid grip in the hand and protect against knocks and bumps during use or while packed in a rucksack.

The 10x magnification is ideal when looking over valleys during walks in the countryside, or for a touch of birdwatching.

* Fully multi-coated BAK 4 glass prisms with fully multi-coated lenses (all air/glass surfaces)
* Long eyerelief eyepiece giving full field of view with spectacles
* Twist-type retractable eyecup assembly
* Internal focusing: infinity to under 2m
* 5 year manufacturers guarantee

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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Price shown includes VAT and shipping for this item to:
   Great Britain
   Northern Ireland
   British Commonwealth Countries
   U. S. A.
Other countries shipping is charged at cost, email for details.

This page updated: 17 February 2017
Opticron Trailfinder II
Field of View (°)5.5°
Twilight Factor15.81
Min Focusing1.5m
Eye Relief14mm
Exit Pupil Size2.50mm
Dimensions: HxW100x35mm
Case / StrapYes
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14/03/2011 22:37:30
What is the shipping cost of this item to Ireland.


eebc - Jamie.
14/03/2011 22:43:58
Due to the light weight of the Opticron monocular, we would not charge any extra for delivery to Ireland.

Delivery to Ireland normally takes 4-7 working days.

Dave Brown
23/07/2013 19:24:42
Whist not been one to examine a gift horse s teeth these monos seem suspiciously cheap. Where have the corners been cut compared with, say, the BGA models.

eebc - Jamie.
24/07/2013 09:57:19
There is a lot less glass in a 10x25 than in a 10x42.

The trailfinder monoculars are good little instruments, they have a reasonable image, which is crisp and with good colour transmission. They are not as good in low light as the bigger ones, but that is to be expected.

Gilly Dalton
30/11/2013 19:23:14
My husband wants one for Christmas. He wears glasses and is a farmer who wants a monocular for watching calving cows across a field without having to disturb them. I would like to pinch them when he is not looking for s spot of not very serious bird watching or to take on holiday sight seeing or on a boat.
Couldn t decide if the Opticron or the Helios would be better and which magnification. Please help.

eebc - Chris
01/12/2013 14:36:06
Thank you for your enquiry.

If the monocular is going to be used with spectacles, then the Opticron Trailfinder is the better of the two due to its twist-up/twist-down eyecup, this is a much better and easier solution than the rubber eyecup on the Helios.

Image clarity, there is not much between them, the Opticron may be slightly sharper.

Both are waterproof, the Opticron is physically smaller and neater, which may be useful when carrying it on holidays.

8x or 10x, I would lean towards the 10x, nothing you have described is going to be fairly close, the 10x would be better looking across fields etc.

Terry Mott
26/05/2015 18:35:02
Hi, if you still have these in stock, could you please let me know the cost to ship to Mallorca, Spain (Balearic Islands)
Many thanks.

eebc - Chris
27/05/2015 11:33:51
Yes we currently have the Opticron Trailfinder monoculars in stock.

Airmail to Spain would be £7.00 and would be by International Tracked and Insured Airmail Click here for a link to a "postage product" you can add when ordering online.

(Please note, we only charge the difference between UK and international shipping rates i.e. shipping to Spain actually costs just over £10, our free shipping in the UK normally costs us around £3, hence the £7 quoted)

26/01/2016 03:13:26
Hi , what would mail to Australia come to if you do orders that far? Also would we be VAT exempt? Also are there any binocular forums mentioning eebc or independant reviews of you guys online ?

eebc - Chris
26/01/2016 09:33:36
We regularly send items (particularly monoculars) to Australia.

As it would be exported from the EEC, we can deduct the VAT before sending, which brings the price down to £28.33

We do not charge any extra for shipping monoculars to countries of the British Commonwealth. Shipping would be via AirMail and usually takes about a week to major cities.

We have indeed found ourselves mentioned on the odd forum in the past, there is also a review or two on our Facebook page, but we DO NOT hassle our customers for reviews, you will not get emails from us asking for reviews on x,y or z websites. (I know according to marketing experts, this policy is wrong and we should be hassling our customers, be we hate it when we buy a something simple and then keep getting emails asking us to review)
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