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Visionary Tripods

The Visionary Camera Adaptor is fully adjustable to allow digital cameras to look through the eyepiece of spotting scopes.

Although designed for their own, highly popular scopes, this adaptor is fully adjustable and will work with most scopes and a suitable digital camera.

The camera mount will quickly move out of the way of the scope eyepiece, allowing the scope to be quickly changed from a scope to a powerfull telephoto lens (or vice versa)

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This page updated: 03 June 2022
Visionary  Camera Adaptor L
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Martin Price
19/01/2010 18:47:56

I would like to take my first steps at digiscoping. I have an Opticron Mighty Midget V2 scope with 25x eyepiece, and would like to use a Nikon Coolpix S620 compact camera mainly, but possibly also a Nikon D40X DSLR, if that is feasible.

Please let me know whether the Visionary Camera Adaptor L is suitable to connect these cameras.

Many thanks

eebc - Chris
20/01/2010 10:31:18
The Visionary Camera Adaptor L is usually used with compact digital cameras, it allows up/down, left/right movement of the camera, so the cameras lens can look down the eyepiece of the scope.

SLR cameras tend to use a different method, the cameras lens is removed and they are usually physically attached to the scope body using an adaptor plus a T mount. Obviously, this moves the centre of gravity of the scope (makes it eyepiece-end heavy), in this situation some customers have used this kind of adaptor to give the camera a bit of support and to move the centre of gravity to make the weight distribution better on the tripod.

Opticron have some very useful pages on their website showing various adaptors required for SLR/Compact cameras:
SLR Cameras
Compact cameras

It should also be worth keeping in mind, not much light comes out of a scope (even with objectives twice the size of the Opticron Mightly Midget), exposure times tend to be quite long.

Bob Phillips
20/02/2021 08:06:44
Hi Folks -

I have a pair of Celestron Trailseeker ED 8x42 binoculars, and I have lost the rain caps. The strap broke, where it connects to the bins, and the rain caps must have fallen at the same moment. I went back the next day, but gales (I live in the NW of Scotland, on the coast, and gales are frequent...) and nature of the terrain conspired to render them forever gone! I have checked the dimension of the eyepiece, and it is 41mm dead. I notice the ones you sell are given as 43mm. Too slack? Any solution to my lost rain caps predicament please? And thanks, Bob.

eebc - Jamie
11/03/2021 10:40:10
Sorry for the delay in replying, for some reason the notification of your question ended up in our own junk mail folder.

A lot of people prefer a loose rainguard, although I have been told others have made them a little tighter fit with various things like electricians tape or sticky-backed felt stuck on the inside.

The other option would be use some Opticron lens caps 40-42mm should fit.
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