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Visionary Spotting Scopes

A high resolution straight spotting scope using roof prism design which makes it easier to keep up with moving objects.

The Visionary Airman has been designed for aviation enthusiasts, however it has many other uses in sport and recreation. Can be used handheld or used on a tripod or monopod.

Like all of the Visionary spotting scope range, the eyepiece is built in and can not be changed later, this is not really a disadvantage as the zoom covers every magnification normally needed.

The Visionary Airman spotting scope is supplied with a case and a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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Other countries shipping is charged at cost, email for details.

This page updated: 18 March 2016
Visionary Airman
Dimensions: LxW380x85mm
Case / StrapCase
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H. Hartley
16/08/2007 16:44:42
I am going to Utar soon to an airshow, I don not know how close or how fast the aircraft on display will going. Would the zoom be ok at the 15x for fast moving aircraft.

I really like the look of the straight through design, I have used straight scopes in the past, but this looks even easier without a big prism housing on one end.

eebc - Jamie
16/08/2007 17:44:23
The Visionary Airman is a unique product, as you say most scopes have a big prism at the eyepiece end.

It should be quite useable for moving aircraft at 15x. At the bottom of the zoom it has a nice wide field of view so you should (with a little practice) be able to keep up with the aircraft.

Have fun in Utar, never been but looks like a great place.

04/07/2008 12:03:37
I am interested in a lightweight, but high quality spotting scope for use in aircraft spotting.

1) Is this scope my best option?
2) I sit possible to get and DSLR camera updater?
3) What would be the airmail cost to Australia be?
4) I am going to the US in early August? How soon could you ship?

Many thanks

eebc - Chris
04/07/2008 15:20:27
The Visionary Airman is designed for aviation enthusiasts and is a nice scope. It is about the same weight as a (standard) pair of binoculars.

There is no SLR / DSLR camera adaptors for this scope.

Airmail to Australia would add £20.00 and be by International Registered and Insured Airmail, this normally takes about a week.

We keep these in stock, so normally ship the same day if orders are received before 3pm.

05/07/2008 00:38:04

Many thanks for your reply. I have now ordered and understand that there is
an extra postage fee to Australia. However is the VAT deducted fom the item?


eebc - Chris
05/07/2008 15:14:24
Yes the VAT can be deducted

The scope is on its way I have emailed details separately

Scott Hamilton
10/04/2010 11:21:09
Is this scope any good for watching con trailing aircraft ie long distances away! I have a set of 16x binoculars but I need a better magnification!

eebc - Chris
10/04/2010 11:51:01
Yes, it is quite good.

Looking at aircraft at altitude is never easy, they move across the field of view quite quickly, but after a bit of practice panning with the aircraft can be done quite well.

At the lower end of the magnification, 15x, it is more or less the same as your binoculars, and quite easy to find the aircraft. Zooming upto the higher magnifications will then allow a reasonable look at the aircraft. At the 45x end of the zoom, the aircraft will move across the field of view in a couple of seconds, but you should be able to see quantity and positions of engines, and basic tail markings to allow identification of the aircraft.

I spent an afternoon a while back looking at various aircraft through all the Visionary scopes (except the V100), here is a picture taken with one of the other Visionary scopes which quite frankly does not do the scope justice (the image was much better using just my eye), but does show a fair bit of detail considering the large distance.

12/04/2010 11:23:57
Thanks for your reply about the airman scope and con trailing aircraft.The photo link was useful.Would you recommend this scope or any other visionary scope.
Thanks again,

eebc - Chris
12/04/2010 11:38:51
The Airman is an excellent scope and I have no problems in recommending it, the image quality is good and it is an easy scope to use.

The only other scope I would consider would be the V80 Straight, it has more magnification (up to 60x) and a much bigger objective lens (80mm), however, having tried to use it for aircraft 60x for me is just too much magnification and the field of view at the highest magnification is too small. I found myself finding the aircraft at the lower magnifications, but only zooming into about 45/50x.

As I previously mentioned, I only spent an afternoon looking at aircraft through various scopes, if I was using the V80 all the time, my technique would probably improve and I may have different opinions.

Both scopes are very good, and we have sold (probably an equal number) each to aircraft enthusiasts.

21/04/2010 15:14:52
Thanks for the quick delivery of the airman scope.Given recent events I have nt had much chance to use it but it seems the business!Just one question-should the small lens you look into be able to be rotated? it appears to make a slight difference to the image especially at x45 magnification.
Thanks for the brill service and advice.

eebc - Chris.
22/04/2010 10:43:19
Glad you like the scope.

The eyepiece lens does indeed rotate, but as far as I am aware, this is only as a safety measure (a lot of people grab the eyepiece and twist, incorrectly assuming that is the focusing) by making it twistable it prevents damage. I would not think that it would help focusing/image quality.

19/06/2011 19:08:42
I wear glasses. Can this be a problem?

eebc - Jamie.
20/06/2011 09:08:45
We have had customers with glasses who have had no problems with the Visionary Airman, however we have also had customers who did have problems with the Airmans eyepiece.

Those who did have a problem with the Airman, went for the Visionary V80 or V60 and folded back the eyecup.

I am sorry these is no definate answer, unfortunately, there is no way to tell until you try.
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