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Optical Hardware Binoculars

Optical Hardware's Visionary 20x80 binoculars have an excellent quality, bright image. They have easy grip rubber armouring and large eyepieces and eyecups for stress free viewing.

You fill find the binoculars easy to use, even on a cold night with gloves on, due to their large, easy to move, rubber covered focusing wheel.

If you wear glasses, the rubber eyecups can be folded back to allow you to get closer to the binoculars and to see a full field of view.

As well as being really good at viewing the night sky, mounted on a tripod they are excellent for long range observation work such as ships at see or aircraft at altitude.

The Visionary 20x80 High Definition binoculars feature :
* Quality body construction with rubber armouring
* High quality coated glass lenses and prisms
* Centre focusing, with large easy to use focus wheel
* Dioptre adjustment
* Rubber eyecups, push down for use with spectacles
* Centre tripod fitting
* BaK4 Prisms
* Case and strap
* 10 year manufacturers guarantee

BBC Sky and Night magazine rates this model as "Highly Commended" an overall rating of 89% and a 94% rating for value for money. (Page 95, September 2008)

Stock Availability: Out of stock

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This page updated: 03 June 2022
Optical Hardware Visionary HD
Field of View (°)3.2°
Twilight Factor40.00
Exit Pupil Size4.00mm
Dimensions: HxWxD320x220x95mm
Case / StrapYes
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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Jim Miller
16/08/2007 16:36:05
Is it practical to hand hold these?

eebc - Jamie
16/08/2007 16:51:37
No not really, you may get away with it for short periods of time, particularly if you have something to rest your elbows on (e.g. car roof).

The Optical Hardware Visionary 20x80 HD binoculars are very high powered and really are designed to go on a tripod.

02/12/2007 08:25:51
The description isn t totally specific so I have a few questions..

Does it have roof or porro-prisms?


Coated lenses, Fully coated, Multicoated lenses or fully multicoated lenses?

eebc - Jamie
02/12/2007 10:33:02
The Optical Hardware Visionary HD range are porro prism have BaK4 prisms and have Fully MultiCoated optics.

They are not waterproof.

27/03/2011 15:36:26
Do you actually have these in stock, I ordered some from another dealer (who was actually more expensive than you - so every cloud has a silver lining!) who claimed to have them, but apparently did not.

eebc - Chris
27/03/2011 15:43:19
Yes we have them in stock, you can either buy online, via the telephone, post, or even come and collect them!

Due to their weight delivery normally takes 3-4 days from the day of your order.

22/09/2011 00:23:16
Good day, just looking at these with purchasing them in mind, do you still have them in stock? Is the collimation set right on the bino s before they are sent out? If not would you be able to set it correctly?

Many thanks folks and have a nice day.

eebc - Jamie
22/09/2011 11:19:37
Thank you for your enquiry.

We currently have several of the Visionary 20x80 in stock.

Collimation is set at the factory when they are made, we visually check all stock when it arrives and return any that have faults (which is extremely rare). This is the only way we can be sure we are sending out items that are OK, if we did not check them and a pair was damaged, we would not know if they were damaged between our suppliers and us, or us and the customer.

11/01/2011 16:50:34
When you say fully multi coated lenses does that mean on all air/glass surfaces i.e. level IV coating?

eebc - Chris.
01/11/2011 17:57:40
Thank you for your enquiry.

I can not readily find a definitive answer to your querry. The trade price list says "multicoated", whilst the Product Brochure simply says "fully coated lenses". The Visionary Catalogue (which looking at the prices is quite old) available here states "multicoated lenses"

I will give them a ring and find out just what sort of coating they have!

EDIT: 04 November. The 20x80HD have multicoating and all the optics are coated. (The next model up, the 20x80HD-T have full broadband multicoating) neither model have drop-off coatings.

Steve Levett
11/09/2011 13:25:04
Hi, could you tell me when you expect the HD-T versions in and if possible what price they will be ?

eebc - Chris
09/11/2011 13:46:19
We do not at this point stock the T version.

We can order them, delivery normally takes only a couple of days.

They are £100 more than the standard version, so £259.00

22/01/2012 00:18:16
What is the maximum interoccular measurement, i.e. distance between eye pupils?

eebc - Chris
22/01/2012 12:17:24
The IPD Inter Pupilary (I know I have spelt that wrongly) Distance is 56mm to 74mm, so to answer your question, the maximum is 74mm.

Note - the manufacturers are increasing their prices at the beginning of February, we have some in stock and will be getting some more next week, but if you are thinking of buying a pair it is a case of "quot;sooner, rather than later"

24/01/2012 20:05:14
Is it possible for the user to adjust the alignment or collimation of the HD...?

eebc - Jamie
25/01/2012 12:00:32
Optical Hardware have a document detailing how to adjust the collimation on their website (see here) it is a PDF file.

The screw is under the rubber, roughly inline with the top of the "V" logo on the side of the binoculars.

15/10/2012 18:29:39
Could you explain what the diopter adjustment means please? I wear glasses and often have trouble with binoculars as one side always seems to be slightly out of focus. I have a fantastic pair of cheap 10x50 askalitt binos which feature a small ring on the right eyepiece which compensates for my eyesight. Do the Visionary range feature this as well?

eebc - Chris
16/10/2012 09:16:21
The dioptre adjustment as you correctly say is to correct for the differences between each eye. Every modern pair of binoculars that we have come across has one eyepiece that can be adjusted independently, usually the right eyepiece.

All the binoculars we sell feature a dioptre adjustment, including the Visionary range.

Peter C
22/12/2012 11:51:36
Are they nitrogen filled? What type of eye relief - fold down or twist?
Can you also get Helios Quantum 4 series 20 X 80? If so, can you confirm type of eye relief,on these. Many thanks.

eebc - Chris.
22/12/2012 12:26:22
These binoculars are not nitrogen filled.

The eyecups are of the rubber fold down type.

The Helios you mention, from memory have the same type of eyecups as the Visionary, the Helios are also individual eyepiece focusing (i.e. no central focusing wheel that focuses both sides together).

Helios usually take a couple of days to get into stock, the Visionary we tend to keep in stock (we have them at the moment).

The eyecups (I think) are bigger and more flexible on the Visionary, but it has been a whilst since we ordered some of the Helios so I may be wrong.

Peter C
22/12/2012 13:54:54
Thank you for that. Would you be prepared to get a pair of the Helios Quantum 4series in so that I can have a look at them with a view to purchase?
I live on the outskirts of Lincoln.

eebc - Chris
22/12/2012 14:15:30
If you were definitely going to have them, we could order a pair, no problem.

We would not order a pair on the chance you may buy them, as they are not an item we could easily sell if you did not want them (we can not return if unsold, some of our suppliers allow this, but not Helios)

Peter C
22/12/2012 14:31:55
Thank you. I understand. I will try and find a way of viewing before I buy.

Trev Mead
08/10/2015 10:38:27
These sound interesting for my aviation hobby. Would it be possible to make an appointment to visit to try out a pair with a view to purchase?


eebc - Chris.
08/10/2015 10:48:24
No problem, a lot of people use them for looking at aircraft.

Just give us a call before you come to make sure we have them in stock (we have them at the moment)

02/02/2016 18:12:14
Do you have these in stock for me to look at?

eebc - Jamie
03/02/2016 09:39:39
Yes we do.

If travelling it may be best to give us a ring just to confirm stocks, but we do currently have them in stock.
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