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Opticron Monoculars

You will be amazed by the clarity of the Opticron DBA Oasis monoculars, we are!

Both of the DBA series monoculars, feature a long eyerelief eyepiece with three position eyecup, so you can get a full field of view, even if you wear your glasses when using the monocular.

Some people like walking in the rain, we don't, but if you do get caught out, the monocular is fully waterproof (and Nitrogen gas filled)

The 8x42 DBA monocular is excellent in low light and provides a magnificent image throughout the day. The wide field of view allows you to quickly and easily "get on target"

The phase corrected prism coating provides excellent colour rendition enabling you to see even the finest detail.

The Opticron 8x42 DBA Monocular, is simply the best monocular we have seen, bright, sharp, clear image with excellent colour transmission.

Supplied with case, strap and a 30 year manufacturers guarantee.

This item had now been updated, see Opticron 8x42 DBA-VHD+ monocular

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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Price shown includes VAT and shipping for this item to:
   Great Britain
   Northern Ireland
   British Commonwealth Countries
   U. S. A.
Other countries shipping is charged at cost, email for details.

This page updated: 28 April 2018
Opticron DBA Monocular
Field of View (°)7.0°
Twilight Factor18.33
Min Focusing2.5m
Eye Relief21mm
Exit Pupil Size5.25mm
Dimensions: HxW 143x52mm
Case / StrapYes
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This item has discontinued accessories associated with it. We have decided to display these accessories in the table to the right. We regularly get asked for details of discontinued accessories, to be honest, we are not sure why, but hopefully clearly showing the discontinued accessories will be of help Discontinued Accessories for Opticron DBA Monocular
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Opticron UTA 2.5x £119.00

07/03/2007 15:46:41
Which one do I want, 8x or 10x? Your site like everyone elses expects the user to know which one (but yours is the easiest to ask question!)

eebc - Jamie.
07/03/2007 16:00:18
Thank you for your enquiry.

You do not say what you want to use the monocular for. For a guide to what everything means and some sample applications, please click on the "Monocular Information" button on the bottom of the monoculars menu (or click here)

Generally, there is not a huge difference between 8x and 10x, the 8x tend to focus a bit closer and have a wider field of view. The wider field of view makes it easier to actually find the subject.

Most wildlife enthusiasts tend to use 8x, whilst walkers looking over valleys etc generally use a 10x for the bit of extra magnification.

Arthur Jones
26/06/2007 09:37:20
How big are these in English?

eebc - Chris
26/06/2007 09:44:40
About 5"x2" or roughly the size of the cardboard tube inside a toilet roll.

Graham Jones
08/07/2007 15:24:50
My local dealer says you are ripping people offf, the Optic-ron 8x42 monocular should sell for £139 and I have ordered one from him.

eebc - Jamie
08/07/2007 15:33:10
Thank you for that.

Opticron make two 8x42 monoculars, a BGA and a DBA. The BGA are currently the price you quote, the DBA as shown here are a much better monocular with a sharper, clearer image.

Either your local dealer has ordered you a BGA, or he is going to be a bit surprised when he get the invoice for a DBA!!

Graham Jones
13/07/2007 11:07:38
It looks like I owe you an apology, you were right, my local dealer got me a BGA and I had to pay the £15 postage surcharge!

Sorry for my previous comments, I would have been better off to have ordered itfrom you.


eebc - Jamie
13/07/2007 11:25:20
The BGA is a good monocular, not as good as the DBA, but you should be alright with it.

08/10/2007 11:02:20
Can I come and collect one of these?

eebc - Jamie.
08/10/2007 11:04:55
Yes, no problem.

We currently have plenty of the Opticron DBA, BGA, Waterproof, Gallery and Oregon monoculars in stock.

If it is going to be more than a couple of days before you come, give us a call to confirm stocks before travelling.

28/08/2008 11:43:33
Thanks for my order which Ive recieved, great service and great packaging

eebc - Chris
29/08/2008 16:30:27
Thanks for your comments - we do try our best.

Have a good holiday!

31/12/2008 18:18:34
I am thinking of purchasing a Monocular due to a loss of site in my right eye.
I am looking for the best Monocular possible, regardless of price, to enable me to continue with Bird Observation.

As a keen bird observer i sadly miss my binnoculars. I have a swarofski telescope but need to replace my Zeiss binnoculars with a good Monocular.

Please advise and direct me accordingly

eebc - Chris.
02/01/2009 09:16:31
The Opticron DBA monoculars are the best we have seen. Opticron, as far as we are aware, are the only company to offer full sized, high specification monoculars.

Having a 42mm objective lens gives a good, sharp, bright image. The 8x42 is a particular favourite with bird watchers.

As far as I am concerned, you can not do better that the Opticron DBA 8x42 monocular.

17/01/2009 17:19:56
What s the difference betwen DBA and BGA?

eebc - Chris.
17/01/2009 17:52:18
On paper they are very similar, but the DBA has a larger field of view (it may not sound much more, but it does make the monocular much easier to use) and much better optics.

The image is sharper, clearer and the colours are much more true to life.

The BGA monoculars are very good, but the better optics in the DBA give a better image.

If you are anywhere near Lincoln, we have them both in stock at the moment, if you wish to have a look for yourself.

27/04/2009 20:12:21

I am due to retire soon and the place where I work will be giving me £120 to buy a gift. I did fancy a top quality monocular and thought the DBA would be fine and affordable with a bit of cash from me. My question is, do you do gift vouchers?



eebc - Chris
28/04/2009 11:45:17
We do not offer gift vouchers, to be honest, the question has never come up before.

We can accept split payments for a single transaction. You employer could send us a cheque (or pay on company credit card) and then you could send us the balance (again, either cheque or credit/debit card).

The DBA monocular is certainly a top quality monocular, they are the best monoculars I have ever seen.

Peder Moesgaard
20/07/2009 08:44:28
Dear sirs
Please inform me of the shippingprice for Opticron DBA monocular 8x42 Oasis
for Denmark
Kind regards
Peder Moesgaard

eebc - Chris.
20/07/2009 09:14:30
Thank you for your enquiry.

Shipping would add £10.00 to the price.

This would be by internationally insured and tracked airmail and normally takes 3-4 days to Denmark.

11/04/2010 09:37:33
I own the DBA 8x42, I m sorry, but I didn t purchase them from you :(
I would like to purchase some replacement lens caps as I find the supplied ones far to difficult to get off and on.
Which ones listed on your site would do the job as I don t like going cap-less.


eebc - Chris.
11/04/2010 15:44:31
If we managed to sell a product for every enquiry, we would be the largest supplier in the country, instead of being forth or fifth!

We do not have any lens caps that will fit, but be a bit slacker. My only suggestion would be to get slightly larger sized caps and pad them out with a bit of felt or baize.

The front lens cap is 50mm, a slightly larger size could be padded.

The eyepiece lens cap is 41.5mm, lens caps are available in 42mm or 45mm sizes.

Another option would be to put a slight cut in the side of the lens cap to make it not as tight.

We have had customers use both methods, cutting and padding - but alas, I do not know which method works best.

Joe Hunt
11/01/2011 12:00:17
I have a BGA 8x42 and the lens caps are indeed tight as a user has said. Another option is to carefully shave some plastic off the vertical ridges inside the sleeves of the caps until they re comfortable.

eebc - Chris.
01/11/2011 13:52:55
Thanks for the suggestion.

11/01/2011 14:00:15
I intend to buy a DBA Oasis monocular which I can carry strapped to my belt whilst cycling, because extracting my binoculars from the pannier often means the subject has flown away before I get them to my eyes! I believe this model comes with a case which would hold it parallel to the vertical axis of my body, but for greater comfort I would like a case which would be parallel to my belt. Is such a case available? I m not bothered whether it is leather or nylon, but ease of access is desirable.

eebc - Chris.
01/11/2011 14:43:19
Excellent choice of monocular.

I regularly cycle along National Cycle Route 64 from Lincoln to Tuxford in Nottinghamshire and can confirm how useful a monocular is!

I do not know of any manufacturer that makes such a case, I would think the only option would be to remove the belt loop from the case supplied, turn it ninety degrees and add a second loop (to have a loop at each end). Whilst I was doing this, I would consider adding a bit of velcro to keep the flap of the case shut (it has a magnetic catch, which is fine when used vertically, but may need something a little stronger when used horizontally).

I know nothing about sewing, but I would think the people who do alterations to denim jeans and replace zips may be able to do the job.

11/08/2011 20:58:31
Thanks for the very quick response to my question. Having now received my monocular (just 16 hours after ordering it!) and tried the case, I can say that it is actually quite comfortable because the belt loop is fairly high on the case so the case does not dig into my ribs.

I have also realised another justification for having a monocular strapped to me - when I m working in the garden I occasionally see interesting birds flying in the distance, and the monocular is always to hand whereas my bins are out of reach!

eebc - Chris
09/11/2011 09:28:03
Thank you for your comments - we try our best getting things out to people in good time!

I have a lot of time for monoculars, and indeed small pocket binoculars, simply because you tend to carry them with you. I have a full sized set of binoculars that are too big and heavy to carry around on the off chance that I will need to use them, whereas my monocular gets a lot of use.

21/01/2012 12:43:17
The mono tripod adaptor - does the monocular securing screw at the side bite directly onto the monocular barrel or does it push in an inner "sleeve" or something similar?

eebc - Chris
21/01/2012 13:58:32
It pushes an inner sleeve.

I have taken a few photos (and bolted them together) it can be found using this link. I have slapped our web address all over them as I am fed up of our competitors using our images.

21/01/2012 14:31:43
Regarding my enquiry on the tripod adaptor, your link to the photos shows very clearly the inner sleeve which protects the monocular barrel. Just one more question - as the monocular appears to be held by the front end, around the objective lens, is the adaptor really secure on the DBA rubberised barrel when focusing, handling it in the field? Thanks.

eebc - Chris
21/01/2012 15:11:25
I have never heard of a monocular falling out of the adaptor.

However, from a personal point of view, it "feels wrong" the adaptor fits onto the front end as you are correct in saying, and it feels secure, but the centre of gravity is wrong, you are holding the thing by the end.

I must point out this is a very personal point of view and we have never had any problems with the tripod adaptor on either the BGA or DBA series monoculars. I know I am not alone in this feeling, one customer got his file out and removed the ridge from the front of the adaptor, thus allowing the ring further onto the monocular (it must have take a lot of filing).

21/01/2012 19:03:08
Thanks for your comments re the adaptor. Your and other users experiences are as I d imagined. It would be better I think to be able to position the adaptor ring on the user-side of the focus band, strap lug and rubber moulding permitting.

eebc - Chris
22/01/2012 12:12:38
Please do not get me wrong, the adaptor does fit and work on the front end, it is just to me it "feels" wrong.

The chap who filed the ridge off the adaptor, removed the inner ring and just used the thumb screw straight onto the rubber of the monocular (this did, obviously, mark the monocular).

22/01/2012 20:27:49
Yes, also the inner ring wouldn t be as secure without the adaptor ridge. As I already have a BGA 10x42 I could try glueing a thick rubber strip to the inner ring (of the DBA size adaptor) and sliding it over the barrel of the BGA - that s if I don t like it on my new DBA 8x42 (when I get one)!

eebc - Chris
23/01/2012 09:25:18
Opticron are having a price rise at the beginning of February, including the monocualars. We will be getting some more stocks in later this week before the increase and will keep the prices down as much as we can, for as long as we can, but the monoculars will be going up.

Jack PArker
02/12/2013 15:29:22
Can I come and have a look at one of these, I m only in York so not too far away. Do you have the 10x as well?

eebc - Chris
12/02/2013 15:33:16
Yes, we have them in stock, we also have the 10x version (and currently both the BGA monoculars as well).

Give us a ring before you set off, just to make sure we still have them. We always try to have some of these in stock.

15/03/2013 01:16:41
I live in the U.S.A.. Do I have to pay the VAT tax?

eebc - Jamie
15/03/2013 11:02:41
Short answer - no you do not have to pay the tax.

However, there MAY be an import tax into the United States.

The price without VAT is £240.84 if you place your order online, we manually alter the amount when we receive the order.

13/04/2013 13:12:08
Thinking of getting the dba 8x42.with the tri pod adapter,what would the overall cost be to Tasmania Australia post code (xxxx).
Regards Geoff

eebc - Chris
13/04/2013 14:33:37
Thank you for your message.

Monocular £289, tripod adapter £40 (total inc VAT £329)

As it is being exported from the EEC, we can deduct the VAT, this brings the price down to £274.17

We do not charge any shipping on monoculars to countries of the British Commonwealth.

Not wishing to put you off, but there are a couple of things to consider: there maybe import duties/taxes to pay locally and Opticron do not operate any kind of international guarantee, so if anything went wrong, it would be a case of either get it repaired locally and pay the bill, or return it to the UK for a guarantee repair.

Geoff beswick
20/04/2013 13:04:55
What would the easiest way to pay for the 8x42dba .if I pay via PayPal etc how do I get the correct payment when you deduct the vat from the cost of the item.(tasmaina Australia ) .
Regards geoff.j

eebc - Chris.
20/04/2013 14:48:39
The easiest way for you is to just drop us an email to sales@eebc.co.uk with the items you require and we can either send you a PayPal invoice, or a bespoke link (that works with both our online credit card processing system and PayPal) for the items less the tax.

Hope all this makes sense!

Mr East
07/04/2014 12:08:46
Do you have the UTA in stock? I would like to come and try the monocular with the UTA fitted

eebc - Jamie
07/04/2014 12:21:23
Yes, we have in stock:
The Opticron monocular
The Opticron UTA
The Opticron tripod adaptor for the above.

You are welcome to come and try them any time.

Gordon Waltham
16/05/2015 10:23:46
Will the tripod adaptor for the DBA monocular also fit the BGA range of monoculars.

Regards, Gordon Waltham

eebc - Chris
16/05/2015 10:59:23
Having literally just tried a DBA adaptor on a BGA monocular, I can say that they do not fit together.

The DBA adaptor is simply too big.

We do have the BGA adaptors in stock
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