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Opticron Monoculars

The best monoculars that we have come across. The Opticron DBA OASIS are designed for applications where very high image quality is essential.

The DBA series monoculars, feature a long eyerelief eyepiece and a wide field of view, these monoculars are fully waterproof and nitrogen filled. The DBA monoculars are excellent in low light and provide a magnificent image throughout the day. The phase corrected prism coating provides excellent colour rendition. This monocular is ideal for spectacle wearers due to its three position eyecup.

The Opticron 10x42 DBA monocular is without doubt, the best monocular we have seen. The clarity, colour rendition and sharpness of the image are all excellent.

Supplied with case, strap and a 30 year manufacturers guarantee.

This item had now been updated, see Opticron 10x42 DBA-VHD+ monocular

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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Price shown includes VAT and shipping for this item to:
   Great Britain
   Northern Ireland
   British Commonwealth Countries
   U. S. A.
Other countries shipping is charged at cost, email for details.

This page updated: 28 April 2018
Opticron DBA Monocular
Field of View (°)6.0°
Twilight Factor20.49
Min Focusing2.75m
Eye Relief19mm
Exit Pupil Size4.20mm
Dimensions: HxW143x52mm
Case / StrapYes
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This item has discontinued accessories associated with it. We have decided to display these accessories in the table to the right. We regularly get asked for details of discontinued accessories, to be honest, we are not sure why, but hopefully clearly showing the discontinued accessories will be of help Discontinued Accessories for Opticron DBA Monocular
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Opticron UTA 2.5x £119.00

Roger Ingham
04/12/2006 23:31:17
For monoculars, what is the difference between DBA and VGA and what accounts for the large price difference? I am considering buying an Opticron but cannot decide between the £129 and the £229 models.

And do they both have BAK4?

eebc - Jamie
05/12/2006 11:21:13
The DBA models have a better image, they use Oasis coating and phase correction coating. This provides a clearer, brighter and sharper image than the BGA versions (which themselves are excellent monoculars, but not quite the same level as the DBA models).

Lewis Gross
07/06/2009 20:03:12
Is this the s-coated model, and does the price as you state include vat and shipping to me in America. Also, what is the full cost in U.S. currency. In your opinion, do these compare to Zeiss and other superior optics? If so, I ll order a pair, but if not, what is your return policy? Thanks, Lou

eebc - Jamie.
20/06/2009 11:05:30
Yes, this is the latest model.

As stated below the product description, price includes shipping to UK, British Commonwealth countrys and the U.S.A.

The prices includes the British sales tax (VAT), this can be deducted for sales outside of the EEC, so the total would be £203.48.

Costs in U.S. dollars would be around $335, but this would depend upon the exchange rate and any fees that credit card providers may make.

The optics are excellent, but can not really be compared to Zeiss as the Zeiss is only a 10x25 and does not let the same amount of light into the instrument. Looking though them both, the Opticron is as expected, brighter, sharper and clearer than the Zeiss.

01/12/2009 01:49:32
I m interested in the Opticron DBA Oasis (10x42) with the telescope conversion. Can you send me price in usd including shipping?
I m in the Chicago area.

eebc - Chris.
01/12/2009 11:56:08
Thank you for your enquiry.

Monocular + UTA - TAX = £289.57. This is approximately US$440

We do not charge any extra for shipping to UK, British Commonwealth countrys and the U.S.A.

Delivery normally takes 7-10 days by internationally insured and tracked Airmail.

14/02/2010 19:45:17

Can I purchase (Opticorn DBA 10X42 + U.T.A) I am living in sweden? if yes, shipping costs please.

Best regards


eebc - Chris.
14/02/2010 20:00:10
Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes, we will sell to anyone!

Shipping to Sweden would add £10.00 to the price, here is a Link to the shipping product.

Shipping would be by internationally insured and tracked Airmail and normally takes 3-5 days to Sweden.

11/03/2011 20:42:47
I`d like to buy a monocular, Opticron DBA 10x42, latest model.
What vil the shippingcost be for Norway, and vill the price for me be without the british tax?
What price then?


eebc - Jamie.
04/11/2011 11:26:34
Thank you for your enquiry.

Monocular - VAT + Shipping (£10.00)would be £225.84 (I believe this is around 2100Kr.)

Shipping would be by internationally insured and tracked Airmail and normally takes 3-5 days to Norway.

Our online ordering is not setup for international orders, but if you use the same email address on your order, our system will indicate this to us and we will ammend the price accordingly.

Martin N
08/07/2013 07:23:23
My good binoculars are too heavy to carry around and I find miniature binoculars pretty hopeless so I want a good monocular. I ll use it mainly for looking at boats and ships at sea (I live on the coast and also cruise a lot). I d also like the 2.5 converter for times when I might have a tripod with me and when I might use the monucular for looking at the moon.
My question is whether to go for the DBA or the cheaper Opticron model (I want a 10 by 40)?

eebc - Chris
08/07/2013 11:01:32
Both of the Opticron monoculars (the BGA and DBA) are optically very good.

The DBA does have a brighter, clearer, sharper image, but is more-or-less twice the price of the cheaper monocular.

If you doubled everything up and thought about the binocular versions (although there is not a binocular version of the BGA monocular), we would be talking about good, average price (BGA at around £300) versus excellent, very slightly below top of the line (Zeiss/Leica) DBA binoculars.

As for which one to go for, all we can say is that they are both nice monoculars, I suppose how much use it will get, will be part of the justification. They both work well with the 2.5x UTA

The DBA monocular is the best monocular we have seen, and one we can thoroughly recommend.

04/09/2013 03:02:52
Can you give the price in dollars to ship to the USA. California zip code xxxxx

Where is the monocular made?

Would you recommend the Opticron over the Zeiss 10x25?

eebc - Chris,
04/09/2013 13:36:45
Thank you for your enquiry.

The monocular can be shipped without the UK sales tax (VAT), this reduces the price to £240.84, this is approximately $380

We do not charge for shipping monoculars to the USA (or British Commonwealth countries), this would be via internationally insured and tracked Airmail. This normally takes about a week, but recently we had one item stop in LA for 6 days before continuing its journey (never did find out why)

The monoculars are made in Japan.

The Opticron has the best image of any monocular we have seen, however it is twice the physical size of the Zeiss, so can not really be compared. Image quality = Opticron, lightweight and small = Zeiss.

Opticron have asked us to point out that they do not have any international guarantees, therefore if anything went wrong, it would have to be return to the UK for repairs.

29/05/2015 10:35:50
I have the Opticron DBA 10 x 42 monocular, can I get the 2.5x UTA and tripod mount separately. In th US.

eebc - Chris
29/05/2015 23:13:11
Here in the UK the three items are available separately or as a kit (the kit works out at exactly the same prices as buying the bits individually).

I believe that all of Opticrons US dealers can order them from Opticron just as we can here in the UK.

I also believe from customers who have asked us to send them equipment over to the US, that finding a dealer in the US prepared to special order items is a little difficult (probably why they end up buying from ourselves and paying the international shipping rates).

Opticron have asked us to point out that they do not offer any kind of international guarantee, if it required repair, and was ordered via a UK dealer, it must be returned to the UK for repair and shipping back to the UK and back to the customer is at the customers expense.

14/06/2015 21:33:46
What is the outside diameter of the monocular, at the objective lens and are lens caps included & are spares available?

eebc - Chris.
14/06/2015 22:04:46
The outside diameter of the Opticron DBA monoculars is 50mm, and they are supplied with a 50mm plastic objective lens cap (as well as an eyepiece cap, a couple of straps, a cleaning cloth and a case)

Spare plastic lens caps can be ordered, or the Opticron 48-50mm Rubber Lens Caps fit quite nicely (and they have a retaining ring)

30/01/2016 10:46:41
Hi Chris

Just a note to say thank you for all the help you gave me in choosing my DBA monocular that I collected off you yesterday. It is well worth the cost and I am very pleased with all the time and advice you gave me.


eebc - Chris
30/01/2016 12:07:36
Glad you are happy with it, it was nice to see you both yesterday.

The DBA monoculars really do have an excellent image.

I forgot to give you the receipt that I made out - I will email you one later today

22/07/2017 20:21:48
Do you have a personal preference / or is the optical performance any better between the 8x or 10x DBA Monoculars ?
And are they available in green only ?
Many thanks

eebc - Jamie
23/07/2017 09:39:44
I tend to prefer the 8x, but it depends upon what you are going to be using it for, if you are for instance walking the Yorkshire Dales, the 10x would be better for looking over valleys and at things a long way away.

The 8x is a little brighter to look through, although the 10x just brings things a little closer.

They only come in black, sorry if our photo of them makes them look a little green, it is not very easy taking photos of black monoculars whilst still trying to show some detail in the photo.

We have them both in stock if you are anywhere near Lincoln and want to have a look at them.

Barry Howard
11/11/2017 21:31:13
What do BGA & DBA stand for?

eebc - Jamie
11/11/2017 22:56:38
B = High Eyepoint eyepieces (Long Eye Relief eyepieces)
GA = Rubber covered

D = Roof Prism (D stands for Dach, German for roof)
BA = Rubber covered and High Eyepoint eyepieces (Long Eye Relief eyepieces)

Manufacturers tend to stick to 3 letters.
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