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Illusion Monoculars

The Illusion 10x50 monocular is an excellent all round instrument.

With a good field of view, tripod socket and rubber covering this monocular is a very versatile and handy piece of equipment. Whilst a 50mm objective lens makes this instrument larger than most monoculars, it does provide a good light gathering surface, which in turn gives the user a good bright, clear image, even in less that optimal conditions.

Supplied with a strap, case and a 1 year guarantee.

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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This page updated: 01 December 2017
Illusion Monocular
Twilight Factor22.36
Exit Pupil Size5.00mm
Dimensions: LxHxW170x63x80mm
Case / StrapYes
Accessories for Illusion Monocular
ROR 2oz Lens Cleaner £9.99
Opticron Microfiber Lens Cloth £3.50

20/04/2006 21:45:52

How water resistent is this monocular?



eebc - Chris
21/04/2006 13:25:07
The manufacturers simply say that is is not waterproof.

It is rubber covered, but there is an obvious seam where the front lens housing meets the body of the monocular which could let water in.

I would think if you were out in light rain and had a quick look at something then returned it to its case, that it would be OK. Heavy rain I would prefer a waterproof monocular.

If you need waterproofing have a look at:
Helios Nitrosport 10x25
Opticron 8x30
Opticron 10x42

Enid Cooper
18/11/2006 15:58:53
When will you have one in stock?

eebc - Jamie
18/11/2006 16:11:45
Not sure. We think 4-5 weeks.

Hopefully before Christmas.

Philip Jinks
15/01/2009 16:59:03
Please can you tell me the minimum focus on this instrument. I am an elderly spectacle wearer and my main interest is to be able to read the display panel on a DVD recorder / VCR under the Television at about 12 (3.5M) from my chair. I know from trying Binocs that a 50mm objective is ideal. Could you suggest any other alternative in a similar price range.

eebc - Jamie
15/01/2009 18:08:53
Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not specify a minumum focusing distance in their specifications.

I have just tried one and the minimum focusing is more like 20-25 feet.

I can not think of any other monoculars with a 50mm objective lens, the only alternatives that we have would be the Opticron BGA or DBA series monoculars which are both 10x42 (and approximately £140 and £230 respectively). Both the BGA and DBA are physically similar to one another, the DBA as one would expect has much better optics.

We do sell lots of the Opticron Gallery monoculars to visually impared people who use them for a variety of things including watching television, but these are only 8x20.
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