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Helios Monoculars

The Helios NitroSport are the latest addition to the Helios range of monoculars, available in either 8x25 or 10x25, both are lightweight, easy to carry and waterproof.

The 8x25 is ideal for bird watching, or just as a small monocular to put in the car glovebox and grab whilst walking. The rubberised ergonomical shape makes it very easy to hold.

The large field of view on this monocular makes it very easy to find the subject and also keep tracking the subject if it is moving.

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

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This page updated: 28 April 2020
Helios Nitrosport Monocular
Field of View (°)8.2°
Twilight Factor14.14
Exit Pupil Size3.13mm
Dimensions: LxWxH50x109mm
Case / StrapCase
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14/06/2007 18:43:30
I am looking for a general purpose monocular for walking holidays, sometimes in rainforest conditions which can be high humidity and difficult lighting conditions looking into the canopy towards the sun. Would you recommend this type of product or its bigger brother or could you recommend an alternative. I would be prepared to spend up to £150 but want a good all rounder.

14/06/2007 18:53:57
I should also have mentioned that one of the users is a glasses/contact user as I see this may make a difference to your advice.


eebc - Chris
15/06/2007 10:09:36
Thank you for your enquiry.

For general purpose use, the Helios Nitrosport monocular is a nice little instrument to carry around, it is light weight, waterproof and small, with a reasonable image quality.

Rainforests are another matter, as you mention looking into the canopy is never easy, I would look for a monocular with better optics to improve image clarity and more importantly, contrast.

I would look at one of the bigger Opticron monoculars for a better image:
Opticron 8x30 Waterproof
Opticron 8x42 BGA Waterproof

Safety note Vanessa said "towards the sun" not at the sun, never look directly at the sun either with your eyes or through optical instruments.

eebc - Chris.
15/06/2007 10:17:33
Depending upon glasses/contact:

Helios Nitrosport / Opticron Waterproof, both have fold down eyecups to allow spectacle wearers to get their glasses a bit closer to the eyepiece lenses.

Opticron BGA, has a twist up/twist down eyecup, this allows for a much greater range (the user can have the eyecup half way up if they prefer).

The fold down eyecups are better than nothing, but the twist up/twist down variety is a lot better for most spectacle wearers.

If wearing contacts, it does not really matter which eyecup.

06/12/2007 11:39:41
Hi - I am looking for a Monocular for my dad to watch birds in the garden. The Birds would be between 10-25metres away. He would also use them for general purpose vuewing when on holiday. He wears glasses - but generally removes them when using his binoculars. It needs to be lightweight.

Is this Monocular a good choice? Would a 10x be better?


eebc - Chris
06/12/2007 11:59:57
The Helios 8x25 monocular would be ideal for use around the garden as well as more general use when out and about.

The 8x monocular has a wider field of view, allowing the user to find the subject more easily than a similiar 10x version.

Although these monoculars have a fold down eyecup to allow glasses wearers to keep their glasses on, most people do find it easier just to remove their glasses when using them.

From your requirements, I would think this monocular would be ideal for your father.

05/12/2008 03:26:49
Do you have any idea when you will have this item in stock? I would like to buy for Christmas. Also, how does this one compare to the 10X25 model in terms of shakiness when hand holding. One more thing, what is the eye relief?

eebc - Chris.
05/12/2008 12:02:35
We have some more on order, hopefully they will arrive early next week. We have your email address, so I will email you when they arrive or when we get some definate news.

The 8x25 has a larger field of view than the 10x version, this makes it easier to find the subject and to hand hold. That being said, most people can hand hold the 10x without problems.

Helios do not specify the eye relief on their monoculars, we have no way of measuring it, but comparing it to other optics that we do know the eye relief, I would say it is around 10mm. The rubber eyecup will fold back to allow spectacle wearers to get a little closer.

28/11/2009 01:23:12
I am looking for a lightweight pocket monocular suited for close up viewing of architectural details of the insides of churches and cathedrals that in general have low light conditions. Is this product suitable or would I need something with a higher twilight rating? P.S I wear glasses.

eebc - Chris.
28/11/2009 09:53:25
The Helios Nitrosport monocular would be ok and for the price, is probably the best one available.

If I was using it a lot, I would be tempted to go for one of the Opticron ones (either the 8x30 or the 8x32 which has long eye relief specifically for spectacle wearers) both of these would be much better in low light conditions.

If you are anywhere near Lincoln, we have all three models in stock if you want to come and have a look at them (we also have a mighty fine cathedral in the town!)

16/01/2011 19:28:42
I see a previous posting on this site where someone appears to be looking for same item that I am searching for....its a small square monocular (or maybe by another name) used for close up viewing of architectural details of the insides of churches/cathedrals/temples etc. I had heard there was a Nikko Seek but cant find a trace of it anywhere. Its the size of approx two matchboxes, hangs on string around your neck but excellent for looking up to 50 yards at least. Any help would be gratefully received, does anyone know what I am talking about please?

Thanks, E

eebc - Jamie.
17/01/2011 09:07:19
I have not heard of any instruments specifically designed for looking at architectural details, we have sold a number of monoculars for this purpose, nearly all of them 8x magnification. (The Opticron 8x30 monocular seems particularly popular).

The nearest thing to what you describe would be the Helios Pocket Spy, when in use, this folds in the middle to produce a square type shaped instrument, and folds flat for carrying.

08/09/2013 09:38:03
Do you have a monocular with an image stabiliser?

eebc - Chris.
09/09/2013 09:07:01
We do not have any monoculars with image stabilisation, and can not think of any manufacturer that currently makes one (we tend to think Zeiss did one a few years ago, but it is no longer available).

Sorry, we can not be of much help.

19/11/2015 17:36:51
I own a Helios nitrosport Monocular and my case has perished. Is there anywhere I can buy a replacement case? Preferably stronger than the original! The monoculars are outstanding for the price.

20/11/2015 10:43:47
I own a Helios nitrosport Monocular and my case has perished. Is there anywhere I can buy a replacement case? Preferably stronger than the original! The monoculars are outstanding for the price.

eebc - Jamie.
20/11/2015 11:24:06
I have looked through a few suppliers catalogues and no one seems to supply after-market cases for monoculars.

We could probably get an original Helios one, to avoid small-order and postage costs we could add one to our next order (but this may be a while, we currently have plenty of Helios stock for the Christmas season).

My colleague Chris is currently pulling monoculars out of boxes all over the place, to see if he can come up with an alternative. If he finds anything, one of us will get back to you shortly.

eebc - Chris
20/11/2015 11:38:43
Thank you for your enquiry.

The only case we have in stock that will fit the monocular is one from a discontinued model of Opticron monoculars. It can be seen in this photograph

Whereas the original Helios one seems to be nylon, the Opticron one looks more like heavy cotton type of material. Whether or not it is actually stronger, only time would tell (I am no expert on material or sewing)
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