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Opticron Spotting Scopes

The Opticron HR66 Angled ED provides high quality, sharp, crisp images with excellent colour transmission due to the ED optics.

All of the HR66 series are nitrogen filled, rubber covered and rain waterproof, have close focusing to 5m, a 66mm objective lens and a 30 year guarantee.

Opticron HR66 spotting scopes are sold as bodies (without eyepieces), an eyepiece is needed in addition to the scope itself.

Stock Availability: Discontinued, details shown for reference purposes only.

Price shown includes VAT and SHIPPING for this item to: Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Other countries shipping is charged at cost, email for details.

This page updated: 09 October 2018
Opticron HR66 Angled ED
Min Focusing5m
Dimensions: Length330mm
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Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HR23xW £57.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HR30xW £57.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HR20-60x £149.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HDF20x £139.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HDF88x £99.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HDF18-54x £199.00
Opticron Stay on Case for HR66 Angled £69.00
Pyser Lander £49.00
ROR 2oz Lens Cleaner £9.99
Opticron Microfiber Lens Cloth £3.50
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece SDL18-54x £289.00
This item has discontinued accessories associated with it. We have decided to display these accessories in the table to the right. We regularly get asked for details of discontinued accessories, to be honest, we are not sure why, but hopefully clearly showing the discontinued accessories will be of help Discontinued Accessories for Opticron HR66 Angled ED
Discontinued Accessories 
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HR20x £57.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HR42x £57.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HDF22x £117.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HDF28x £159.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HDF38x £179.00
Opticron HR66 Eyepiece HDF70x £99.00

17/08/2009 23:13:48
Having difficult finding independent reviews of this scope. All read the same wording, as written by Opticron themselves. For a popular make with 1 year on the market, it seems unusual.

Have you any customer feedback from use in the field ? (possibly with the zoom)

Regards DHE

[PS we bought a Swift off you last year, excellent product it s turned out to be]

eebc - Chris.
19/08/2009 11:37:36
I would think there would be reviews somewhere, but I can not remember seeing any for the new looking model. I am sure there were reviews of the old shaped model (as currently pictured above - I must get around to updating the photo!). I should hope most retaillers would at least paraphrase or write their own descriptions depending upon their feelings for the product.

We have sold a small number of these (more of the larger 80mm model), and only usually hear comments when things either go wrong, or customers buy something else (like a new pair of binoculars) and happen to mention their previous purchase. None of the customers we have sold these to have commented on them yet.

Having seen through them, they are excellent scopes, good light and colour transmission. These are one of the scopes that really show a difference between the low cost HR and the high quality HDF eyepieces. With the HDF eyepieces, the image is so much sharper and clearer.

Eyepieces - my favourites are the HDF zoom, the 28x and the 38x HDF eyepieces.

hugh carmichael
12/01/2016 10:31:24
Do you sell the sdl eyepiece for this scope ? Thanks

eebc - Jamie
12/01/2016 10:59:35
We do not normally keep the SDL eyepieces in stock, but can get them from Opticron quite quickly (literally only a day or two).

The SDL eyepiece when used with this scope provide magnification in the range of 18-54x and currently cost £289
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