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Opticron Tripods

For binoculars without tripod mounting bushes an Opticron binocular clamp may be used, this fits around the bridge between the right and left sides of the instrument.

Diameter of clamp when fully closed: 12mm, opens to about 20mm.

Stock Availability: Available from stock

Price shown includes VAT and SHIPPING for this item to: Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Other countries shipping is charged at cost, email for details.

This page updated: 15 May 2022
Opticron centre focus mount
Dimensions: HxWxD60x32x15mm
Legs BracedNo
Case / StrapNo
Including VAT @ 20% and UK shipping
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Richard Salt
27/01/2007 19:18:49
Hi, I was wondering if this mount could be used with a pair of Soviet era 7x50 bins. I am wondering if those screws would get in the way?

eebc - Chris
27/01/2007 19:29:50
If they look something like the image HERE with a fairly thin bridge between the two barrels then it should work.

david thursfield
18/12/2007 18:12:39
Does the opticron clamp have a female thread at its base please which would fit my EN.GEE tripod male threaded turn screw which has a diameter of 5mm or maybe 1/4" please?

eebc - Chris.
18/12/2007 20:06:56
It has a standard (1/4" Whitworth) female tripod thread on the bottom.

Assuming the thread on your tripod is 1/4" Whitworth (nearly all tripods are, the only other size occasionally used is 1/2" Whitworth for large format cameras), it should just screw straight on to your tripod.

Ken Rogers
23/12/2007 15:55:20

Ref Opticon 31006 could you advise the distance from one side of the clamp to the other. Just trying to work out if this will fit my binoculars.

Thank you

eebc - Chris.
23/12/2007 16:18:56
Thank you for your enquiry.

HxWxD 60x32x15mm

I have updated the specifications above to show this information.

The do tend to fit most binoculars with a finger-like bridge between the two barrels.

Nicholas Kennett
29/01/2009 18:07:59
Would you ship to Canada? This is exactly what I m looking for but I can t find anything locally.


eebc - Chris.
30/01/2009 11:50:35
Shipping to Canada is not a problem.

Airmail to Canada would add £0.50, making the total £10.24 and normally takes about a week to 10 days.

Ray Williams
25/05/2011 13:03:09
re Opticron 31006 binocular tripod clamp for binoculars without a tripod bush.
Is this clamp now available? It wasn t a few months ago. It is so useful and there is nothing else like it on the market.

Ray Williams

eebc - Chris.
25/05/2011 13:13:37
Yes, it is now available again and we have them in stock.

A few months ago, we were informed that Opticron had stopped making them, I do not know why, but (thankfully!) they have started making them again.

12/11/2011 22:03:17
i have a pair of meade 8 x 56 roof prism binos that have a centre focus whhel without a tripod bush do you know if there is anything i can use to mount them to a tripod please


eebc - Chris
14/11/2011 10:07:15
We have never stocked Meade binoculars so can only go on pictures from the internet, but they seem to have a covered hinge, so the the item on this page will not fit them.

Most modern binoculars have a removal cover at the front of the hinge (between the two objective lenses) which allows for a L shaped bracket to be screwed in, to allow fitting to a tripod.

If the binoculars do not have any means of attaching them to a tripod, Zeiss make an adaptor, there is a picture of it at Optics Planet they sell for around £130.00 here in the UK.

ken owens
13/11/2011 23:01:39
I have an old pair of Prinz 10 times 50 binoculars.Would this mount fit ? as I want to see if I can use them with a tripod ? thanks

eebc - Chris
14/11/2011 10:11:16

Assuming they have a "finger sized" hinge between the two barrels, like the Zeiss pictured here then this adaptor should be OK.

Ian Kaye
17/05/2012 15:57:12
Would this binocular clamp be suitable for a pair of bresser 9x63 binos? This particular pair does not have the normal tripod fitting bush; it must have been an earlier model.
Regards Ian

eebc - Chris
17/05/2012 16:34:41
We do not stock Bresser equipment (not sure who even makes them these days), but having a look on the internet there appears to be three models.

The Diorit, Hunter and Linear.

The Opticron Centre Focus Mount will not fit any of these models.

The Diorit has a filled in bridge area, whilst the other two have the focus wheel along the centre of the binoculars (although they do look to have a tripod mount under the cover on the front hinge).

If you have a different model, get in touch and I will do some more research.

19/04/2015 20:37:01

Can you please tell me, can I mount Nikon E II on this adapter?
And how much would shipping cost to Croatia?

Thank you

eebc - Chris
21/04/2015 09:31:08
We do not sell the N.ikon binoculars so can not try it, but looking at them, the Opticron Centre Focus mount should fit.

International Shipping would add £3.00 and take about a week.

25/07/2015 10:07:17
Hi, is this adapter bracket going to fit my Fujinon 10x50 FMTR-SX binoculars?
It has center post diameter of 13mm and not much room sideways. If i order one and it doesn't fit may i return it? Thank you. Best wishes, Boki.

eebc - Chris.
25/07/2015 11:07:47
It looks like it would fit, but the only way to be sure would be to try it.

Returning it for a refund if it does not fit is not a problem.

Please note - we are currently out of stock of this item, we will be ordering some more next time we place an order with Opticron (probably in the next 3-4 weeks)

26/08/2015 10:06:08

Can you deliver me "Opticron centre focus mount"
to Barcelona (Spain)?
How much would it cost?


eebc - Chris
26/08/2015 10:55:12
No problem, we have them in stock and can send them almost anywhere.

Shipping to Spain would add £2.00 Here is a link to add shipping to your order

26/08/2019 23:44:58
Would this bracket hold a opticron 10x24 monocular or could you please suggest another way to mount monocular to a tripod as sometimes I don't want to take my bins with me 😎 Guess I'm just idle at times

eebc - Jamie
29/08/2019 11:39:12
Sorry for the delay in replying to your question.

Short answer is probably not, Opticron do not currently produce a 10x24 monocular, but it is bound to be too big for the product shown. It will comfortable clamp onto something the size of a Sharpie pen, or possibly about the size of a finger.

On the off chance you have one of the 10x42 monoculars (either BGA or DBA) then there is a tripod mounting ring for both of them:
BGA Tripod Adaptor
DBA Tripod Adaptor
Obviously, things are not that simple, the DBA monocular has recently been updated so there is different adapters depending upon which one.

I have also popped the catalogue you requested in the post today for you.
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